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Dr Brigitte’s  in-home medical consultation and assessment allows her the opportunity to observe your pet in his or her home environment, giving her insight into pain and discomfort levels, as well as challenges with daily activities. She will inquire about care and limitations as owner schedules and time constraints may complicate in-home palliative and hospice care protocols. The in-home medical consultation and assessment is designed to help Dr Brigitte Sonnendrucker guide you in determining whether: Palliative […]

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What is Animal Hospice ? Animal hospice is care for animals, focused on the patients and family’s needs; on living life as fully as possible until the time of death [with or without intervention]; and on attaining a degree of preparation for death. “Palliative care is the active total care of patients with a life-limiting illness that is not responsive to curative treatment. Control of pain, of other symptoms, and […]

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A Mission to Care The International Association of Animal Hospice and Palliative Care is dedicated to promoting knowledge of, and developing guidelines for, comfort-oriented care to companion animals as they approach the end of life. I believe that old age is not a disease, that pets can have a quality life well into “old” age without heroic measures and with a well managed complimentary wellness program – “not just pills […]

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As your dog or cat ages, you’ll need to decide if you would prefer to let them die at home or to have them humanely euthanized. People always ask: How will I know it is time? While this is a very personal decision, there are a number of indicators that you can use to help you know when it is time to help your pet pass away. Please note that I refer […]

Veterinary hospice is a family-centered, medically supervised, and team-oriented service dedicated to preserving the human–animal bond by maintaining comfort and quality of life for the terminally ill patient until natural death occurs or the client elects euthanasia. Of note, natural death is not the goal of veterinary hospice—but it may be a reality for many pets. Care can take place at the practice, although the home is generally preferred, namely […]

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Although practices usually have a standard of care developed for patients 6 years of age and older, geriatric patients have different needs. Targeting these patients reminds clients that Dr Brigitte is not only an animal “expert” but also an animal advocate for all stages of life. An open conversation about the patient’s disease or age, appropriate therapy, and ancillary services, with the emphasis on comfort and quality of life, is a beginning […]

Geriatric Preventative Care Physical Exam Includes Over the course of my career, I have often see thin, ungroomed, old cats with renal failure. These cats look identical, but after listening to the client’s story, a unique animal will emerge. One constant, however, is the question, Are we making the right decisions for this particular patient?  It is valuable to start with a general physical examination >^..^< exam eyes for cataracts, glaucoma […]

End of Life Care for the Hospice Patient A brief guide on caring for end-of-life symptoms Pain Talk with your regular veterinarian about signs of pain that are particular to the disease process your pet is suffering from. Some of the most common signs are heavy panting, pacing, whining, growling, lying in an abnormal posture or abnormal place, or decreased appetite. Appetite Some medical appetite stimulants are available through your […]

Care for your furry child can be complicated when you are faced with the most difficult decision you may ever make.  Many pet parents feel confused, judged or abandoned by their family, friends, and even their regular veterinarian.  When you feel you need some guidance deciding when, how and why to either euthanize or continue medical management for your little one, Dr  Brigitte is here to help. She offers in-home consultations to […]

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